What A Producer Does

I was preparing a form today for funding – the production is a TV Mini-Seriesand there was a very specific definition of how to define “The Producer”. This is a big deal on the credits and sometimes it has to be shared (or, sold). So, this particular funder has a precise definition of a producer (note that millions has been funded by this particular agency, so it has some authority in real life situations).

Here it is:

The producer controls and is the central decision maker in respect of the production from beginning to end.  The producer is normally involved in and is ultimately responsible for: 

  1. the acquisition and/or meaningful development of the story;
  2. the commissioning of the writing of the screenplay/series bible;
  3. the selection, hiring and firing of the key artists and creative personnel;
  4. the preparation, revision and final approval of the budget;
  5. all overages;
  6. the binding of the production company to talent and crew contracts;
  7. the arranging of the production financing;
  8. the supervision of the filming/taping and post-production; final creative control (as per contract);
  9. production expenditures (as per contract);
  10. production bank accounts (sole and unfettered cheque signing authority); and,
  11. the arranging of the commercial exploitation of the production.


Cool, huh? I think you could argue that one of the lines didn’t include either/both money and/or legal matters – that’s #8 – but, try to have creative control without knowing money/legal matters and … oops, no fun.


Knowing how to think with the money and a few legal forms can take you a long way as a producer.





About filmproduction
I have worked in the film production industry since 1985, working on over 50 different productions of every size in 6 different countries. My self-published book, "Walk The Talk" is written in an easy to read manner for film students and working professionals who haven't had the chance to learn how to 'Direct the Money'.

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