Film Production Accounting Workshops In Michigan

There is an unprecedented demand for Film/TV Production Accountants and Assistant Accountants in Michigan. The unique practical aspects of Film Production Accounting is not taught by an experienced Film Accountant anywhere else – except here. FREE Showbiz© Budgeting & Scheduling software, a Film Labor Guide, plus much more, is included.


 Workshop #1. Film Accounting 101 – for Assistant Film Accountants   Intro Level Production Accounting The emphasis is on the practical requirements of a junior film production accountant. The expectations of the Key Production Accountant when hiring a junior film accountant are universal – ability to route, file, retrieve and understand fundamentals of accounting entries, etc. all according to the standard film production accounting systems. The practical aspects of this course will make you a candidate for work in the Accounting Department. It helps if you have some accounting experience, but is by no means a prerequisite (the basics of accounting are few and are covered at the beginning of the workshop). The five basic accounting entry modes, which are most important to film production, are drilled using general ledger software common to the film industry – 1. Accounts Payable-Invoices Received in the Mail,  2. Accounts Payable – Check Requisition, 3. Journal Entries, 4. Petty Cash and 5. Purchase Orders. The high volume and rapid movement of money in the film industry requires that assistant accountants have some exposure before working – this is it. Most of the workshop is taken up with drills and general ledger applications, although an hour or so will be spent on familiarizing you with basic “Call Sheets”, “Daily Production Reports”, etc.

Followed By Workshop #2. Senior Film Accounting Workshop – Managing Film Budgets and Weekly Cost Reports  Senior Level Production Accounting– This workshop is primarily for film production assistant accountants who have had experience in the film production business, although accountants of any background are invited. The workshop’s emphasis is on the Weekly Cost Report and the aspects of the Film Budget that most assistant accountants never get exposed to. Other accounting functions usually addressed by the Production Auditor, but not understood by the assistant accountant will be addressed as required (for example, bank reconciliation procedures, IRS reporting responsibilities, etc.). All aspects of this course are applicable to novice Line Producers, Click Here and you’ll see what I mean.





INSTRUCTOR: John Gaskin has worked in the film production business since 1985, primarily as a Film Production Auditor. John has worked on 45 different productions in 5 different countries, working with greats such as Ron Howard, Frank Oz and Walter Salles – as well as small independent films and TV episodic productions, pilots and mini-series. During his career many of his assistants have gone on to become Key Accountants (another term for the Production Auditor).

John also has Supervising Producer credits – see his resume on IMDb. In his previous seminars he was touted as the Billion Dollar Man because the accumulated budgets that have been under his control has exceeded a Billion Dollars.

John’s book, “Walk The Talk” is required reading at the University of Southern California’s Cinematic Arts (Peter Stark Graduate Producer’s Program). John has numerous internet articles on Google Knol and EzineArticles  and enjoys answering your questions on his blog – filmproduction.

John has several ‘Testimonials’ but his favorites are from Ron Howard and David Valdes (David worked with Clint Eastwood for a chunk of his career and has been an independent producer for some time in his own right). Click her to see Ron Howard’s letter, and here for David Valdes’s hand written note. Another testamonial that John is proud of is Peter D. Marshall’s book review. Peter is a 35 year veteran film director and instructor. Visit John’s Web Site for more testamonials.



 BENEFITS:  The workshops provide you with a ‘door opener’ to film production – especially in the Film Accounting department, but also as a novice Line Producer, Producer’s or Director’s Assistant, Production Assistant, etc. If you are unsure of the the role of a Film Accountant, click here, for a quick run down on the income levels and career potential.

·   Media Services, a 30 year entertainment payroll service company, and one of our sponsors, is providing each attendee with:

·           Showbiz Budgeting© Software – Value $299.99

·           – Showbiz Scheduling© Software – Value $199.99

·           – Showbiz Labor Guide© Value $39.99

·     You will receive a copy of John’s book, “Walk The Talk” jammed with practical tools of your trade. (When you register below you will be sent to a web page where you can download the e-book of “Walk The Talk” – please read through it before the workshop so you will be familiar with some of what we will be covering).

·     John will provide each attendee with their own CD packed with

·           – over 20 different budget templates on Excel, PDF, Showbiz© and MovieMagicBudgeting©,

·           – over 50 practical film production form templates, including all accounting forms used in the business, as well as sample Call Sheets, Daily Production reports, release forms, etc. (Note: Most forms are on Word or Excel for your future application)

·           – screen recordings of the general ledger software applications, as discussed in the workshop will be provided on DVD, for your future reference.

·     All practical assignments are based on John’s 25 years experience in film production.

·     John will consult with those who would like to know the best way to go about getting contract work in the film production business as an assistant production accountant. There is so much to cover that the practical aspects of finding work will be done after the workshop hours, from 5:00PM to 9:00PM on each evening of the week-end workshops. John makes no promises, but he has many years of experience finding work as a film accountant and will mentor you on his successful actions and contacts.

·     Coffee and snacks will be provided.

·     Certficates are issued on completion of each Workshop.

·     If you have any further questions about the workshops, or about the film business in general, feel free to email John Gaskin.


WHEN:           Workshop #1: May 16 & 17/09 (Sat and Sun), Cost $325                         Workshop #2: May 30 & 31/09 (Sat and Sun), Cost $325

·   8:30AM Continental breakfast,

·   Workshop Starts 9:00AM,

·   Lunch 12:00 – 1:00PM,

·   Break 3:30-4:00PM,

·   End Workshop at 5:30PM,

·   From 5:30PM – 9:00PM Consultations, as reserved or informally, on How-To-Find-Work in film production.









WHERE:          Hampton Inn, Detroit-Metro Airport 30847 Flynn Dr., Romulus, MI, 48714  Ph: 1-734-721-1100

   The meeting room is roomy and has the facilities we need. This is the photo provided by the Hampton.

    Note that the Hampton has offered our out-of-towners very reasonable rates – just $70/Night.


 COST:      $325/person per workshop. Limited attendence of 25 per Workshop.

  • Registration: Workshop #1 – Film Production Accounting 101  Pre-registration guarantees a seat.
  • Registration: Workshop #2 – Senior Production Accounting   Pre-registration guarantees a seat.
  • Registration: Workshops – $50 Discount for Both Workshops   Pre-registration will get you $50 off.
  • When you register you will be taken to a sign-up page which will allow me to pre-deliver to you my e-book, “Walk The Talk”, the course ‘checksheet’, the Master Budget we’ll be using, etc. Please familiarize yourself with the materials before the workshop so we can hit the ground running on the Saturday morning (a hard copy of all materials will be provided in the workshop).
  • If you have a wireless laptop, please bring it so we can load the software and templates as part of the workshop materials. I have limited the attendance to 25 people, so please book early.
  • Out of towners are invited as well (the Hampton has offered a special rate of approx $70/night – when booking a room please quote “Film Accounting Workshops”).

























There is an unprecedented demand for Film/TV Production Accountants and Assistant Accountants in Michigan. The unique practical aspects of Film Production Accounting is not taught by an experienced Film Accountant anywhere else – except here. FREE Showbiz© Budgeting & Scheduling software, a Film Labor Guide, plus much more, is included.



About filmproduction
I have worked in the film production industry since 1985, working on over 50 different productions of every size in 6 different countries. My self-published book, "Walk The Talk" is written in an easy to read manner for film students and working professionals who haven't had the chance to learn how to 'Direct the Money'.

4 Responses to Film Production Accounting Workshops In Michigan

  1. bobby says:

    sign me up

  2. Simone says:

    Hi John,

    I am from Australia, currently working as a management accountant for a growing media company specialise in web and live events production. I aim to be a production/media project accountant in the fututre, and gaining my experience in this field. Just wondering could I purchase your course book, software and other materials from overseas please? You have a enormous amount of stories, your insights have a depth, and I’m sure I’d enjoy being a student of yours. Please let me know.

    Thanks so much.

    • Hi, Simone. Thanks for your very complimentary email! Sorry for not answering earlier. I’ve been working on a feature production and I’ve just now come up for air.

      Yes you can buy a download of my book at . The shipping costs would be prohibitive to Australia. I have video taped 2 or 3 workshops (particularly the Production Accounting workshops) and I’m in the process of editing them.

      Stay tuned!


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