Film Accounting 101 – Attendee Vote of Confidence

One of my workshop attendees surprised me with a vote of confidence. She sent this letter to the New England Institute of Art (I took out the out of a rare conservative notion that someone might not like it):
“Dear Mr. ___
Last summer into fall I attended an 8-week workshop offered by The New England Institute of Art and Plymouth Rock Studios that introduced residents in the Boston area to film and television production.  The classes were outstanding and the enthusiasm of the attendees was evident.  I’m sending you this e-mail as I have just attended a two-day workshop offered by John Gaskin and am participating in live on-line sessions (nine in all at approx. 1-1/2 hrs each) that follows the in-person workshops.
This workshop taught the attendees all there is to know about Film Production Accounting, and is geared toward preparing the participatings for a career in the accounting area in the entertainment industry.  Although the workshops offered last summer were very informative, there was a business side that was missing to them that I thought you might be interested in contacting John to see if The New England Institute of Art would like to partner with John to offer his course in the Boston area.  With all of the recent movie-making activity in the Boston area, it would serve the area well to have accountants trained and ready to serve the production companies taking advantage of Massachusetts’ tax incentives.
I have a degree in accounting and have worked as an accountant, and I must say that John’s workshop was highly educational and provided information that we will get NO PLACE ELSE. John’s first hand knowledge of the industry and the tools he provided us are invaluable to those of us wanting to work in this industry.  The accounting process is very different from what I’m accustomed to, and his insight will serve all of us well who attended the workshop.
The attendees included line producers as well as accountants, and your market in this area is wide open as John makes it understandable to everyone.
At our Plymouth Rock Reunion, you asked that if anyone had any suggestions for future courses that they should let you know.  I urge you to contact John and discuss the possibility of partnering with him to offer this information to those in the Boston area.  I am certain that you will get a huge response, and it would benefit both of you.  I have included the link to John’s website where he lists his workshop offerings, and I have included his e-mail address in the cc: above.  You may want to contact him.


About filmproduction
I have worked in the film production industry since 1985, working on over 50 different productions of every size in 6 different countries. My self-published book, "Walk The Talk" is written in an easy to read manner for film students and working professionals who haven't had the chance to learn how to 'Direct the Money'.

2 Responses to Film Accounting 101 – Attendee Vote of Confidence

  1. mahisha says:

    hello John,
    i am very interested in attending your Film Production Account workshop and missed the one in Los Angeles in February. When will your next workshop take place in Los Angeles?

    • Hi, there. I’ll be back in LA sometime within the next 3 months, but sorry can’t say for sure. I’m in Detroit, New York, Seattle and Louisiana through to late May, so after that I’ll see.

      Thx for asking, though. If you wouldn’t mind, please go to my site and sign up for the free video on-demand training. There are 13 or 14 Flash Videos on various topics related to the film budget abd cost report processes. Also, that way I can announce to any sign-ups when I’ll be in their area.

      All the best,

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