Producers, Film Accountants, Admin – Excel Training A Must

One of the most vital tools to Production Accountants is Excel. It really is a necessity to analyzing and reporting the various elements of media based financing, budgeting and costs. So, in a recent workshop where emerging producers were predominate in the group it was a shock to see how little the group knew about spreadsheet software – a couple weren’t even sure if it was on their laptops. One of my attendees found a great free site for on-line Excel tutorials.

I pass her email on to you all:


Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners #1 – Overview

Okay, here is a link to a series of fabulous tutorials on Excel by Motion in Training.  This is a guy is from England  . . . he’s a great teacher and wonderfully easy to follow.  I went through 16 of the tutorials today for beginners.  Here is the YouTube link to first tutorial:

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program used in all businesses today . . . a must know!  It is a marketable skill that you will want to highlight on your resume! And believe me, as you look for a job in the arts industry . . . they will be asking for those skills. Even if you are not working in an office, you will need this for all accounting, inventory, merchandising, props lists, suppliers, expenses,  . . . . budgeting for almost anything.  In the film and television industry, you will need to know it as a production manager or assistant – whether you are on the set, or in the production office. If you are a producer, you will need to know this.

The better you are at it, and the faster you are at it, the easier your job will be and faster you will move up in the industry.

SO CHECK IT OUT!   It’s really worthwhile. 



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