New Orleans -Managing Film Budgets and Production Costs

My final series of workshops are coming up in New Orleans. I’ll be delivering three workshops over three days. Here’s the one for Line Producers, Emerging Producers, or just anyone who wants to learn more about managing film budgets and costs – Sunday, May 22nd in New Orleans

The attendees will review a $9Mil budget from several angles, learning the practical methods of managing a film budget used by film producers and production accountants everywhere. From that very important step, we practice the essential steps in controlling and reporting the production costs through the Weekly Cost Report – this report is fundamental to ALL media-based productions, and is reviewed weekly by the completion guarantors, the financiers, the studios, etc. In addition you will be introduced to the 6 basic ways that you can use to control the costs before they are spent.

The workshop is delivered by John Gaskin, a production accountant who has 25 years experience working on over 45 film and television productions of every size, in 5 different countries. John is also an author of a book used in the mentoring program at AFI, the U. of S.Calif’s producer program, and the U. of Tampa’s producer program.

The workshop will be held on Sunday, May 22nd in New Orleans. It counts as 8 hours of Continuing Professional Education.

There are many testimonials on John’s home page. For more information on the “Managing Film Budgets and Production Costs” workshop see


About filmproduction
I have worked in the film production industry since 1985, working on over 50 different productions of every size in 6 different countries. My self-published book, "Walk The Talk" is written in an easy to read manner for film students and working professionals who haven't had the chance to learn how to 'Direct the Money'.

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