Film Accounting 101 – Orlando and Atlanta

Film Accounting 101 workshops are coming to Orlando in Sept (Sat/Sun Sept 24/25) and in Atlanta in Oct (Sat/Sun Oct 1/2).

For the last 3 or 4 years I’ve been holding these workshops in various production cities around the US and Canada. I haven’t made it to Orlando, nor to Atlanta, before. So, I’m excited about the prospects in these two cities.

Who is it for?

Film Accountants really are a strange breed of accountant. It’s probably the last well-paid accounting position that can be had in the world without also being a certified accountant  (although being a CPA wouldn’t hurt). So who would benefit the most? Probably someone who had a strong interest in the field, is organized and good with numbers; someone who is pretty good with Excel and knows enough Word to get by; someone who doesn’t mind the longer hours of work and isn’t averse to traveling (although travel is not always necessary, depending on where you live now).

If you’re not familiar with the range of income and the life of a film accountant dig around in my bog here – there are a few blogs that will give you a very good insight into that.

About the workshop

The week-end workshop is hands-on training using a common proprietary general ledger software used in the Film Industry. You’ll be doing exactly the same thing all assistant production accountants do – all of the details are practiced in a controlled environment. Film Accounting offices are generally set up the same throughout North America (if not the world). We DO in the workshop what any assistant accountant must DO in the actual working environment of any film or television production. So, after 2 days of practical ‘doingness’ you will be feeling pretty good about walking into an accounting office as an accounting clerk or a 2nd assistant accountant. As an additional option you can also do the 7 live on-line webinars after the weekend training which will take you into the next level of understanding of managing a film budget and the cost reporting to the financiers.

I hope to see you there. You can check out the details of the course by visiting my web site at




About filmproduction
I have worked in the film production industry since 1985, working on over 50 different productions of every size in 6 different countries. My self-published book, "Walk The Talk" is written in an easy to read manner for film students and working professionals who haven't had the chance to learn how to 'Direct the Money'.

2 Responses to Film Accounting 101 – Orlando and Atlanta

  1. Margaret Shevas says:

    John – when will you be holding another workshop? I have been looking for something like this .

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