Manufacturing Desire – by Slated

Slated, my favorite online source for Indie filmmakers, has a truly spot-on article. It’s based on a talk given by Erikl Feig, president of production at Lionsgate, explaining to a WGA West audience last year how even the largest independent film studio in North America has to tap dance between two polar sets of interests.

Colin Brown, the managing editor at Slated, has written this article and is well worth the time to read – as usual his writing style is simple to follow with excellent references.

It starts out with a quote from Erikl Feig:

“Every single movie that we make has to be sold twice. First, on a pre-sale basis, to a bunch of independent foreign distributors who are worried about losing money. And second, to a consumer who wants to see something that they haven’t seen before. Trying to find the right project and the right package that can satisfy both of those moments in time, separated by eighteen months of hopefully good execution, is really, really hard.”

The article is at this link: 

To learn more about the the basics of putting together a business-like package, see more at

Cheers / John


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