Film Accounting 101 Workshops – Los Angeles and Tampa, Fl

FILMACCOUNTING101There are two workshops on Film Accounting 101 coming up. One on the west coast (Los Angeles) on May 17th/18th-2014, and one on the East Coast (Tampa, FL) on May 31st & June 1st-2014.

See  for more information.

Below is a quick rundown on what the 2 day workshop is all about:


Introduction: This is the defining course for the fundamentals of Film Accounting. The course is a very practical hands-on workshop of 2 intensive days followed up with a series of 6 Live On-Line Training webinars. This is the toughest course I give, so bring your roller skates! We’ll start from the ground up, practicing all activities associated with an assistant accountant, gaining a thorough practical understanding of the entertainment general ledger software. Finally, the live on-line training webinars bring you into a senior level of Film Accounting through managing the Film Budget and Cost Report (the financial statements of film productions). The classes are small and all attendee’s questions and what-if scenarios are welcomed. See for testimonials.

Course Objective: You will understand and have practiced the duties of an assistant film accountant with the confidence that you CAN not only perform the tasks expected of you without extensive training, but also with an understanding of the cost control points of any film or television production. (Line Producers and Public Accountants will understand the background to their duties in controlling or auditing production costs.)

Participants: will be able to communicate to experienced Film Accountants and Producers convincingly, simply by telling them (showing them) what you have drilled to perfection in this workshop.

Who Is It For?

  • Anyone who has tried to find work as a film accountant and has found it difficult to break in, regardless of their previous training, experience or education. If you have a high aptitude with figures, a strong desire, and you have some basic skills in Excel and Word software, you qualify.
  • It has also been well utilized by Line Producers who want to strengthen their abilities to manage costs of a larger film production.
  • Public Accountants who need to audit the books and records of a film or television production have found this very practical grass-roots training invaluable.

See the details at:


Instructor: John Gaskin is a 25 year veteran Film Accountant.  He has worked on 45 film and television productions of every size in 5 different countries. John also has producer credits, and has been delivering film workshops like these for the past few years. See IMDb for his production credits and the web site link for more information about John.


About filmproduction
I have worked in the film production industry since 1985, working on over 50 different productions of every size in 6 different countries. My self-published book, "Walk The Talk" is written in an easy to read manner for film students and working professionals who haven't had the chance to learn how to 'Direct the Money'.

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